BUMAX Solves Galling Issues for NARA Machinery

Leading Swedish manufacturer of premium stainless steel fasteners BUMAX has received an order for its galling and corrosion resistant BUMAX 88 fasteners from new client NARA machinery of Japan.

The BUMAX 88 premium stainless steel fastener has already been delivered to NARA machinery in Japan and successfully assembled with NARA’s line of powder handling machines for pharmaceutical industry.

NARA machinery turned to BUMAX to solve galling and gorging issues with the standard stainless steel screws used in its machines. The problems with galling, a form of mechanical wear caused by adhesion between sliding surfaces, required frequent removal of the screws for cleaning and maintenance which was costly and resulted in downtime for the company’s industrial customers.

NARA machinery decided to order the long lasting BUMAX 88 premium A4 fastener to replace the old standard screws. BUMAX 88 has been specifically developed to provide corrosion resistance and strength in demanding applications, e.g. water jets, sub-sea equipment, pumps, valves, wind turbines, high-pressure equipment, nuclear plants, submarines, particle accelerators and many other applications.

Since installing BUMAX screws, our customers have not reported any issues with galling or air tightness,” said Kennichi Johara, Technical Director, Nara Machinery. “We are very happy with BUMAX’ premium products and plan to use its fasteners for all new powder-handling machines that require air tightness in the future.

Source: https://www.bumax-fasteners.com/

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