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Borealis Launches BNT Technology-Based PP Resin for Flip-Top Caps

Borealis announces the commercial launch of BorPure™ RF777MO. Based on the proprietary Borstar® Nucleation Technology (BNT), this new resin fulfils value chain demand for high-quality solutions offering excellent organoleptics. As next generation random polypropylene (PP), BorPure RF777MO has been designed for use in flip-top caps, a growing caps and closures market segment.

Random PP for Optimal Performance on Capping Line

The rapidly evolving caps and closures industry must respond to a broad and diverse set of requirements from all sides. Converters demand innovative material solutions that reduce energy consumption and help increase productivity on injection molding lines. Resins must offer easy processability, consistency, high quality, and provide optimal performance on the capping line.

For brand owners and final consumers, caps and closures must secure package contents, provide ideal organoleptic properties, safety, and convenience. They must also stand out on the retail shelf and, increasingly, offer the lowest possible environmental footprint.

Fulfilling Diverse Range of Sophisticated Demands

This expansion of the BorPure family of multimodal polyolefin resins with excellent taste and odor properties enables Borealis to better support its value chain partners in fulfilling this diverse range of sophisticated demands. BorPure RF777MO is based on the proprietary, in-situ nucleation technology BNT and thus helps producers enhance productivity and sustainability:

  • Reduce cycle times: for certain caps applications, proven cycle time reductions of more than 10 % thanks to fast crystallization behavior.
  • Lower the impact of coloring on dimensional stability thanks to possibility for fast color change during processing without having to change process parameters.
  • Reduce energy consumption thanks to lower barrel temperatures.
  • Lower the overall CO2 footprint thanks to reduced energy consumption and faster cycle times on injection molding lines.

High Transparency with Excellent Gloss and Hinge Performance

For brand owners, BorPure RF777MO offers high transparency in combination with excellent gloss and hinge performance. Testing by a renowned independent institute in Europe has confirmed the excellent organoleptic properties and the suitability of RF777MO for the most sensitive beverage and food applications. Hinged caps made using this new resin are especially robust, demonstrating outstanding hinge strength and stability. What is more, as a mono-material solution, caps made using RF777MO are 100% recyclable.

As we expand our family of BorPure resins with excellent organoleptic performance, we aim not only to make everyday life easier for the final consumer, but to ensure that sustainability is at the heart of all new caps and closures applications,” explains Geert Van Ballaer, Borealis Head of Marketing Consumer Products.



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