DuPont Announces New Display Technologies

DuPont, a supplier of materials to the flat panel display industry, yesterday introduced a wide range of recent innovations that provide critical benefits for the performance of displays.

In addition to its recently announced solution-processing of small molecule materials for organic light emitting displays (OLEDs), the company has unveiled the new DuPont Optilon Advanced Composite Reflector, designed to significantly improve the performance of liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

DuPont also has developed a laser imaging process to replace photolithography in the manufacture of color filters for LCDs; a lead-free DuPont Fodel photoimageable thick-film paste for the metallization of the front glass used in plasma display panels (PDPs); and a new stabilized film offering developed by DuPont Teijin Films that is ideal for use in flexible displays.

“DuPont continues to be a technology leader in the displays industry,” said Craig Naylor, group vice president - DuPont Electronic & Communication Technologies. “Our objective is to be the world’s leading supplier of the most innovative materials, technologies and processes to meet the growing demand for flat panel displays with exceptional images that are long lived, energy efficient and cost effective.”

DuPont’s latest developments in display technology include:

  • OLED solution process technology - Combining small molecule OLED materials with low-cost solution manufacturing technology, this unique new process is substantially lower cost and more scalable than incumbent processes such as vapor deposition.
  • DuPont Optilon Advanced Composite Reflector - With a flat reflectance spectra, improved ultraviolet (UV) and environmental stability, and higher diffuse reflectivity, the DuPont Optilon advanced composite reflector offers increased display luminance, more neutral color and improved LED BLU performance over other industry alternatives.
  • Lead-free Fodel - The new lead-free Fodel photoimageable thick-film paste enables compliance with lead-free directives while providing the same cost-effective, high-performance metallization for PDPs provided by previous generation products.
  • DuPont Thermal Color Filter System - The new precision patterning process for the manufacture of color filters eliminates the need for photomasks while offering significant cost savings and reduced process steps as compared to photolithography.
  • Stabilized film - DuPont Teijin Films has developed a new process for stabilized film designed to meet the unique requirements of flexible displays and printable electronics markets, with key characteristics such as flatness, outstanding surface quality and cleanliness, low shrinkage and availability in wider widths.

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