Leading Fuel Cell Membrane Provider Polyfuel Receives ISO 9001 Certification

PolyFuel has announced that it recently received the ISO-9001:2000 certification for the design and manufacture of its advanced fuel cell membranes. The ISO-9001 certification, issued by the Underwriters Laboratories, makes PolyFuel one of the earliest suppliers in the nascent fuel cell industry to achieve the standard of quality for the product design and manufacturing processes that will be required for mass commercialization. According to experts, the commercial market for portable fuel cells – designed to power laptop computers, PDAs and cell phones – will gain momentum in early 2007 (see: Commercial Fuel Cells To Take Off In 2007 With "Always On" Lifestyle Setting Demand For "Portable Power.", PolyFuel, May 20, 2006).

Fuel cell membranes – extremely sophisticated sheets of cellophane-like plastic – enable the creation of small power sources to augment batteries in a variety of everyday devices. But unlike batteries, which must be replaced when exhausted, fuel cells will run indefinitely, as long as they are provided with a supply of fuel. In the case of micro-power fuel cells, the type being developed by many of the world's largest electronics manufacturers for inclusion in mobile devices, the fuel of choice will be methanol – a readily-available, low cost alcohol that will be marketed in battery-sized cartridges available in convenience stores and elsewhere. When powered with fuel cells, energy-demanding devices such as cell phones equipped to receive digital television broadcasts will finally have enough available power to make their use more than a novelty.

The ISO-9001 Standard, developed by the International Organization for Standards, represents the benchmark by which modern, quality products are designed and manufactured. Thousands of leading manufacturers around the world have attained ISO certification, and the majority of PolyFuel's customers – primarily consumer electronics "giants" – are not only certified, but expect it of their vendors. In addition, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recently approved the carriage and use of micro-power fuel cells – as well as replacement fuel cartridges – in the cabins of commercial aircraft, beginning January 1, 2007 – an application with a clear expectation of high quality.


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