XIOM Wins US Navy Contract for Plastic and Other Spray Systems

XIOM Corporation of West Babylon, innovator and manufacturer of portable plastic powder spray systems and coatings, announced today that it has received its first contract with the United States Military. Xiom has signed an agreement for a multi-phase project to test and develop a new fan spray gun for use with the company’s patented portable spraying equipment and coatings for the United States Navy. Testing and development for the United States Navy’s Naval Sea Systems Command has already begun.

Xiom’s spray systems will be custom designed and tested in order to meet military specifications. In addition, the company will develop plastic and other spray applications to be used to coat a wide variety of surfaces.

“Our system and the spray gun that we will develop and test for the Navy will be utilized to coat internal and external surfaces of United States naval vessels. This agreement indicates that our system can provide the type of durable and long-lasting surface protection that the Navy is looking for. This is a significant step forward for Xiom and the innovative machines and coatings we have created,” said Andrew Mazzone, president of Xiom Corporation.

Xiom’s patented coatings are comprised of plastic powders and other durable materials. When sprayed using the Xiom1000 system, these materials bond immediately to surfaces and are more weather-resistant than conventional powder coatings and paints. Xiom’s coatings provide maximum protection because they can be applied at a thickness from 3 millimeters up to 20 millimeters, as opposed to paint which is applied at thicknesses of 2 to 3 millimeters. In addition, Xiom’s coatings will not peel, chip or crack like paint or other coatings.

“United States Naval vessels operate in extreme conditions all around the world. In addition, many surfaces receive significant wear and tear during regular operations. Our coatings, which are made of a wide array of materials, are long lasting and provide a number of benefits of particular importance to the Navy including non-slip surfaces, bullet-resistant and glow-in-the-dark applications. By using these coatings, the Navy will reduce maintenance costs and provide an extra measure of safety,” added Mazzone.

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