New Corrosion Inhibitors for Acid, Saline and Aqueous Media from BASF

Korantin PP, a new corrosion inhibitor from BASF, features two advantages compared to other established inhibitors such as butynediol or propargyl alcohol. Korantin PP is more effective - its consumption can therefore be reduced by 50 % - and its toxicological properties are more favorable.

In technical applications, for instance in cleaning boilers, stubborn deposits generally have to be dissolved with acids, which will attack not only the deposits but also the metal. The metal surfaces to be cleaned as well as the storage tanks and pipes used for cleaning must therefore be protected from corrosion. That is why corrosion inhibitors are added to acids. They will inhibit the dissolution of metal yet without interfering with the dissolution of deposits. Some of the technically most important and most effective inhibitors for use in acid baths or cleaning with acids are, unlike the BASF product, labeled “toxic” and therefore subjected to extensive handling and storage restrictions.

Furthermore Korantin PP is used throughout metal processing indus-tries for acidic pickling applications and in acidic cleaners or for pick-ling welded steel components.

The new inhibitor also solves problems in special applications such as crude oil production when hydrochloric acid has to be injected into the bore hole to make rock formations porous prior to extraction opera-tions. “Under the extremely high pressures and temperatures, exceed-ing 100o Celsius, in well heads, Korantin PP works very effectively in protecting steel drill rods,” reports Uwe Ossmer, responsible for Oil Field Industry Management at BASF. He went on to say: ”Based on this protective effect against hydrochloric acid, Korantin PP has be-come solidly and quickly established among companies servicing oil fields.”

Lugalvan P, a new corrosion inhibitor for saline, aqueous solutions, is easy to formulate

Because they are not soluble in highly saline aqueous solutions many corrosion inhibitors cannot be used to treat metal surfaces. With Lugalvan® P BASF is now introducing an additive that is very soluble in saline media. The product is impervious to water hardness and pro-tects metals against corrosion in acidic, neutral and alkaline media. Dr. Helmut Witteler, a chemist who heads BASF’s product development for metal surface treatment, explained: “Our new inhibitor is extremely versatile. It is being used in galvanoplating, descaling boilers, prevent-ing deposits and inhibiting corrosion in crude oil production. Lugalvan P is applied whenever its effectiveness as an inhibitor but also its compatibility with hard water or saline media are required.” Being very soluble the inhibitor is easy to formulate and is also suitable for use in cleaning concentrates.

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