Spectro Introduces the All-New Spectro xSORT Handheld ED-XRF Spectrometers

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments today introduced its newest generation of SPECTRO xSORT handheld ED-XRF spectrometers, which feature improved features that maximize speed, ease, convenience, and advanced performance in the analysis of metals and alloys.

The newest SPECTRO xSORT handheld spectrometers enable high-throughput, highly reliable elemental testing and spectrochemical analysis of common metals and alloys, including 46 elements in 16 metal matrices, from the scrapyard to the factory to the foundry floor.

Features and Benefits of the New Advanced SPECTRO xSORT Analyzers Include:

  • Faster Analysis: The entry-level SPECTRO xSORT Alloy model, featuring a Silicon PIN (Si-PIN) detector, delivers metal-grade identification in seconds. The more powerful standard SPECTRO xSORT, with its high-resolution, high-sensitivity silicon drift detector (SDD), analyzes most alloys in only 2 seconds and identifies light element alloys in 7 seconds. The result is hundreds of inspections per shift for improved productivity.
  • Easier to Use: Reduced in size and well-balanced, SPECTRO xSORT is optimized for day-long, fatigue-less, one-handed operation. The ergonomic, field-proven design includes a light-squeeze trigger, an easy-reading, 5-inch wide-angle, high-definition touch display, physical buttons for gloved hands, and a smaller head for use in tight spots.
  • More Flexibility: Analytical flexibility is maximized, and SPECTRO xSORT offers two standard spot sizes. Users benefit from ultra-wide coverage of elements and alloys without switching methods between samples.
  • Superior Software: Its powerful XRF Analyzer Mobile operating software and fast-reaction Industrial Android modules deliver touch operation, hardened security, quick access, and Windows PC compatibility. Standard features include a spectra viewer and a customizable metal-grade library.
  • Built-In Protection and Standardization: The analyzer's automatic shutter protects internal components and serves as the sample material for SPECTRO's unique iCAL (Intelligent Calibration Logic) standardization — for continuous system monitoring and correction so that all installed methods are always ready for use.

Additional features and options include a long-lasting quick-change battery, an onboard GPS, two cameras, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, microSD storage, a docking station, and a smaller attachable sample chamber.

The advancements of the newest SPECTRO xSORT handheld metal analyzers draw from SPECTRO's renowned leadership in spectrographic analysis for global laboratories. This lineage includes the benchtop flagship SPECTROLAB S, a market leader for ultra-precise analysis; SPECTRO’s best-selling SPECTROMAXx stationary metal analyzer; and the powerful, portable SPECTROPORT and mobile SPECTROTEST metal analyzers.

AMECARE Performance Services ensure maximum uptime, optimum performance, and the longest possible equipment life for all SPECTRO elemental analyzers with high-value, customized support delivered by hundreds of experienced service engineers in 50 countries.

The all-new SPECTRO xSORT handheld ED-XRF spectrometers are available immediately from SPECTRO Analytical Instruments.


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