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LUSIX Joins LGD in TECH Consortium as Founding Member Israeli Diamond Grower Prominent in Diamonds for Advanced Electronics

The LGD in TECH consortium, is pleased to announce that LUSIX, based in Rehovot, Israel, and one of the highest quality prime diamond growers in the world, has joined as a Founding Member. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone in both the growth of the LGD in Tech consortium and the advancement of lab-grown diamond use in technology.

LUSIX, is at the forefront of innovative diamond growth techniques to produce high-quality lab-grown diamonds for cutting-edge technological applications and is a fully integrated company that develops and builds its own novel CVD reactors and has pioneered unique growth processes to produce superior diamonds.

One major focus for LUSIX is growing diamond materials that can serve as the active layer in advanced electronic devices. Lusix can produce ultrapure diamond with precisely controlled doping and defects that can potentially be implemented in applications like high-power electronic devices.

LUSIX also specializes in growing diamond material for use as heat spreaders in high-power electronics. With unparalleled thermal conductivity, LUSIX diamonds enable next-generation applications in compact, high-power devices. This technology has diverse applications, from defense and electric vehicles to smart grids and renewable energy systems, paving the way for more efficient and powerful electronic solutions.

Their decision to join the LGD in TECH consortium underscores the growing recognition of the importance of collaboration in driving the future of the lab-grown diamond industry and its importance to the technology sector.

"We are thrilled to welcome LUSIX as a Founding Member of LGD in TECH," said Liz Chatelain, Co-Founder, of the consortium. "They are a formidable addition to our group with their unparalleled expertise in thermal management solutions like diamond heat spreaders, active layers in advanced electronic devices and diamond optics, taking advantage of the material's broad optical transparency and extreme hardness and durability."

The LGD in TECH consortium aims to foster collaboration among industry leaders, researchers, and innovators to accelerate the development and adoption of lab-grown diamonds in technology sectors such as electronics, optics, quantum computing, defense and space. By joining forces with LUSIX, the consortium is poised to make significant strides in research, development, and commercialization of cutting-edge diamond-based technologies. Grown diamond’s inherent properties include the highest thermal conductivity, wide bandgap, outstanding electronic transport, hardest material, broad optical transmission and NV Centers, to name a few.  

"We are excited to join the LGD in TECH consortium as a Founding Member," said Yossi Yayon, Ph.D., CTO and General Manager of LUSIX. "This partnership represents a unique opportunity to collaborate with other industry leaders and drive innovation in the lab-grown diamond sector. We look forward to contributing our expertise and working together to unlock the full potential of lab-grown diamonds in technology."

The LGD in TECH consortium, whose members include leading lab-grown diamond companies, research & development entities and product developers in semiconductors, optics, space tech, defense, electronics and medical tech, invites other industry stakeholders to join this groundbreaking initiative and contribute to the future of the use lab-grown diamond in technology. Together, we can achieve new heights of innovation and sustainability.

LGD in TECH will participate in the upcoming SEMICON WEST trade show for the semiconductor industry at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, from July 9-11 in Booth 972, South Hall.

The $557 billion semiconductor industry plays a critical role in a wide range of fields, including quantum computing, defense, optics, space exploration, and other technologies. By integrating grown diamond into semiconductor manufacturing processes, industries can unlock new levels of efficiency, reliability, and innovation.

Soon specialized grown diamond substrates will revolutionize semiconductors.

LGD in TECH invites attendees of SEMICON WEST to visit their Booth 972 South Hall to learn more about the cutting-edge applications of grown diamond in semiconductor technology as well as quantum computing, defence, optics, laser systematics, space technology and beyond. Representatives will be available to discuss the latest research, collaborations, and partnership opportunities.

LGD in TECH membership is open to all entities interested in following and being a part of this evolution, visit: to join.

More to Know:

  • Diamond Substrates: Lab-grown diamond substrates can be used as a base for semiconductor device fabrication. Diamond's electrical insulating properties make it an excellent substrate for certain types of semiconductor devices, especially those requiring high breakdown voltage and low leakage current. Diamond substrates can provide better isolation between different components of the semiconductor device, reducing crosstalk and improving overall performance.
  • Heat Spreaders: In semiconductor devices, heat management is critical for maintaining performance and reliability. Grown diamond heat spreaders can efficiently dissipate heat away from hotspots in electronic devices, such as high-power transistors and integrated circuits (ICs). In fact, GaN-on-Diamond transistors show 40% reduction in gate temperature compared to GaN-on-SiC devices which are currently being used for high-power electronics. As such, Diamond allows to either minimize power devices or using them at higher power. 
  • Diamond Diodes: Diamond-based diodes can be fabricated using lab-grown diamonds as the semiconductor material. Due to their wide bandgap and excellent electrical properties, diamond diodes can operate at high temperatures and high voltages, making them suitable for various applications like power rectifiers, high-voltage switches, and radiation detectors.
  • Diamond Transistors: Transistors made from grown diamond have the potential for high-power and high-frequency applications. These transistors can operate efficiently at elevated temperatures and offer high breakdown voltages. They find applications in radio frequency (RF) amplifiers, power switches, and other high-power electronic systems.
  • Diamond Sensors: Grown diamond-based sensors are used in semiconductor technology for various purposes, such as temperature sensing, radiation detection, and pressure sensing. Their high sensitivity, stability, and resistance to harsh environments make them ideal for demanding semiconductor applications.
  • Diamond Coatings: Diamond coatings deposited onto semiconductor surfaces can enhance their durability, wear resistance, and thermal conductivity. These coatings can improve the performance and reliability of semiconductor devices, particularly in harsh operating conditions.
  • Quantum Sensing and Computing: In emerging fields such as quantum sensing and quantum computing, defects in diamonds known as nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers are of particular interest. These defects can be deliberately introduced into lab-grown diamonds and used as qubits for quantum information processing. While this application is not directly related to traditional semiconductor devices, it showcases another potential use of lab-grown diamonds in cutting-edge technology.

For more information and to set an appointment during SEMICON WEST booth 972, please email [email protected].


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