Opto Technology Announces New Low Profile Heating Elements

Opto Technology, Inc., a leading manufacturer of optoelectronic and LED related products for the medical industry, today announced a new family of integrated heater products for applications requiring small, low profile heating elements to provide for thermal reactions. The OTHP-0050 can be integrated with various temperature control and optoelectronic technologies for a complete heating solution.

Opto Technology’s heater plates are comprised of an aluminum nitride (AlN) substrate with a thick film resistance layer. The AlN substrate offers excellent thermal coefficient properties for a uniform heating temperature and provides high heat transfer rates.

Application specific options include an onboard thermistor for temperature feedback. The electrical connection is achieved using flexible printed circuit board (PCB), which can interface with standard flex connectors.

General technical parameters include heater resistance of 15 Ohm, thermistor resistance of 10,000 Ohms, and total power dissipation of 10 watts.

Potential applications for the OTHP-0500 heater plate include: medical DNA amplification for polymerase chain reaction (PCR); blood coagulation and glucose meters; chemical analysis and diagnostic equipment; and urine analysis and temperature cycling for biological samples.

The OTHP-0050 may be customized to fit specific applications. The substrate size, resistance, thermistor type, and flex circuit can be modified. In addition, thermal fuses or LEDs may be mounted directly to the substrate.

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