TECANYL MT, An Economical Polymer Shape Offering from Ensinger

TECANYL MT (PPE) is a new shapes offering from ENSINGER which is developed especially for medical device applications. The product is made from the raw material Noryl® HNA055 by GE Plastics. The shapes are exclusively marketed by ENSINGER.

TECANYL MT from Ensinger is destined for the repeated exposure of up to 1000 autoclaving cycles at 134 °C, without considerable loss of mechanical properties.

The material is excellently suitable for medical device applications, e.g. reusable surgical instruments. It has good strength and high impact strength and it is easily machined.

TECANYL MT can be repelletized and thus it is very economical Noryl® maintains its mechanical properties even after repeated extrusion.

For the user, TECANYL offers a great advantage due to its high resistance to gamma radiation, steam autoclaving and ethylene oxide sterilisation. Due to its impact strength, it keeps its good properties in a wide temperature range.

The raw material conforms to FDA and EUFC and is biocompatible according to ISO 10993.

Applications are surgical instruments, instrument handles, implant trials (max. 30 days tissue contact), sterilisation trays and all components that have to be sterilised or are subjected to radiation.

TECANYL MT can be processed with all usual technologies from injection moulding to extrusion and thermoforming.

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