Borouge and Borealis Offer Two New Plastics for the Automotive Industry

Borouge and Borealis are introducing two high performance plastic solutions specially tailored for the automotive industry. The first is Daplen™ ED230HP, a thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), that Borealis developed jointly with Plastic Omnium, while the second, Nepol™ GB215HP, is a new grade of polypropylene developed with the BMW Group.

These new innovative plastics solutions combine the best of processing functionalities and design flexibility to create high value end user products for the automotive industry.

Daplen ED230HP – A winning combination of aesthetics and safety performance

Developed according to the needs of the value chain, Daplen ED230HP, brings together a winning combination of good design properties and impact resistance to automotive applications.

Daplen ED230HP's low thermal expansion, excellent stiffness/impact ratio and easy processability benefits the whole value chain - from parts moulder to the automotive manufacturer and ultimately the car user.

Low thermal expansion makes this new grade suitable for moulding parts that require a low change of dimensions over a broad temperature range. At the same time, thanks to the good flowability and the broad processing window of the grade, complex shapes and designs can be easily filled. This provides a smooth, high quality surface finish and excellent paint adhesion both during processing and over the long-term.

Daplen ED230HP's outstanding impact/stiffness ratio also helps optimize safety performance. The ability of the material to be recycled makes it environmentally friendly as well.

In Europe, Borealis worked closely with Plastic Omnium, one of the leading automotive component suppliers, to deliver a tailgate to meet Renault's requirements for good design, excellent surface appearance and outstanding safety performance.

Robert Füreder, Business Unit Engineering Applications Borealis, comments on the new grade: "The low thermal expansion and outstanding paintability offered by Daplen ED230HP made it an ideal solution for satisfying Renault's quality expectations for the finished tailgate. Through close cooperation with Plastic Omnium our latest grade of Daplen is delivering a broad range of benefits throughout the value chain."

Nepol™ GB215HP – An award-winning, one-material automotive solution

Borealis, in partnership with the BMW Group, manufacturer of premium automobiles and motorcycles, has developed a new material and testing solution for BMW instrument panel carriers. The new grade, called Nepol GB215HP, is a one-material solution for the upper, middle and lower part of dashboard carriers.

The customised 20 per cent long glass fibre reinforced polypropylene (PP) compound will help to reduce system costs and development lead times for future models and has, as a result, been awarded a second prize in the Society of Plastics Engineers' (SPE) 10th Automotive Division Award 2006 in the category body interior.

Nepol's outstanding mechanical properties deliver the high stiffness and dimensional stability required to fulfil functional requirements in the finished interiors. In addition, its properties provide energy absorption to the part, preventing splintering at heavy impact and improving the safety of passengers. Further advantages of the solution include low emission to reduce windscreen fogging and long-term heat stabilisation to prevent material ageing.

In order to make it suitable for BMW's proprietary SGI-foam injection moulding technology, Borealis tailored the PP to enable foaming. This technology produces very lightweight parts with a well defined cellular structure, resulting in environmental benefits thanks to weight reduction and ensures the long-term maintenance of the interior's performance and aesthetics for consumers. The resulting benefits are high stiffness and load bearing at low weights and with low warpage.

Franz Zängerl, New Business Development Manager Europe, Borealis adds: "The 'one material solution' and new testing system for BMW reinforce Borealis' commitment to long-term investment in supporting customers to meet the manufacturing, performance and environmental challenges of the future. We are delighted to see these joint developments recognised by the Society of Plastics Engineers."

With an in depth understanding of the value chain and a constant focus on customer needs, Borouge and Borealis continue to provide innovative, value creating plastics solutions with optimum performance for interior, exterior and under the bonnet automotive applications.


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