SAMCO Technologies Gain Exclusive Licence to Manufacture and Sell Water Deionization Systems from Rohm and Haas

SAMCO Technologies, Inc., has received an exclusive license from Rohm and Haas, to manufacture and sell Advanced Amberpack™ Deionization Systems for industrial water treatment applications. The Rohm and Haas Advanced Amberpack™ Deionization System operates at greater than 95% efficiency, therefore lowering the life cycle cost of water purification processes by increasing yield and minimizing waste. This exclusive license to SAMCO Technologies covers the United States and Canada.

The licensing agreement grants SAMCO Technologies certain exclusive marketing and manufacturing rights to Rohm and Haas' revolutionary and innovative Advanced Amberpack™ technology. The agreement enhances SAMCO Technologies deionization, dealkalization, and softening solutions for industrial water applications. The process utilizes a patented fractal distribution system in a packed bed countercurrent ion exchange system. The result is near perfect flow distribution and exceptional separation of waste fractions during the regeneration cycle.

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