Innovative, Energy-Efficient Glass from AMSCO Windows

AMSCO Windows introduces the next generation in energy-efficient windows - CōzE performance glass. To provide homeowners with an ideal blend of energy performance and aesthetics, CōzE performance glass is available in three performance levels, CōzE, CōzE Tint and CōzE HV.

CōzE - the standard in energy-efficient glass
The best all-climate performance glass, CōzE sets the standard with an insulating value (U-Value) that is more than 35 percent more efficient than clear insulated glass. In the winter, CōzE performance glass reflects heat back into the room. During the summer, the sun's heat and damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays are significantly reduced.

CōzE Tint for solar glare reduction
When solar glare is a problem, CōzE Tint is the perfect solution. To reduce glare effects, CōzE Tint reduces the amount of visible light by almost 45 percent more than CōzE glass. And in sun-drenched areas, like the West and Southwest, where solar heat gain is also a problem, CōzE Tint reduces solar heat gain by almost 40 percent over CōzE. When compared to ordinary insulated clear glass, CōzE Tint's solar heat gain reduction jumps to more than 65 percent.

CōzE HV - High visibility with superior energy efficiency
Striking a balance between energy performance and visibility has been a challenge -- until now. The latest innovation in performance glass, CōzE HV provides superior energy efficiency with high visibility.

"CōzE HV is the ultimate in energy-efficient glass," said Steve Sullivan, director of marketing for AMSCO. "Until now, homeowners have had to choose between a clear view and protection from the sun's heat and damaging UV rays. With CōzE HV, homeowners can have both. It lets in more light and keeps more heat out so their home will stay comfortable without any room-darkening tints."

With the specially formulated triple layer of silver, CōzE HV blocks 95 percent of the sun's damaging UV rays, a 91 percent improvement over clear insulated glass. At the same time, CōzE HV allows 35 percent more light than CōzE Tint.

All standard AMSCO window and door products meet ENERGY STAR guidelines with one of the CōzE performance glass options. ENERGY STAR is a government-backed program that helps consumers identify energy-efficient products.

Brite glass - low maintenance and naturally clean
For a window system that not only saves energy, but stays cleaner longer, dries faster and has 99 percent fewer exterior water spots, homeowners can add AMSCO's new Brite glass to any CōzE performance glass option.

"Cleaning windows - and keeping them clean - has always been a challenge, particularly for windows that may be hard to reach or those above a home's first level," said Sullivan. "The sun's UV rays break down and loosen dirt so water can wash it away. By simply adding Brite glass to any of our CōzE performance glass options, homeowners will spend less time and energy cleaning their windows and more time enjoying the view."

Brite glass also comes with a removable film to protect the special coating from dirt, stucco and other construction debris during the manufacturing, shipping and construction phases of window installation. Whether homeowners are building a new house or remodeling their existing home, the removable film will help them protect the exterior glass coating. Simply peel and discard when finished.

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