Solvay Solexis Increase PVDF Production Capacity

Solvay Solexis, a world leader in Polyvinyledene fluoride (PVDF), announces today that it will increase the production capacity for this specialty fluoropolymer, which it markets under the SOLEF® brand name. Solvay Solexis has been very successful in providing consistent marketing and R&D efforts to develop new applications and increase SOLEF® market penetration worldwide.

The new capacity expansion will increase Solvay Solexis’ existing PVDF capacity at its plant in Tavaux (France) by some 30% and is scheduled to come on stream early in 2009.

A number of key industries and applications such as chemicals, semiconductors, oil & gas and pipes&fittings are driving growth, as SOLEF® PVDF provides a unique combination of chemical, mechanical and processing properties to meet the growing and more stringent requirements of such industries. In addition, several promising new SOLEF® PVDF applications are developing rapidly in other high-end markets, such as environmental technologies – with membranes for water purification or key components in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

“The SOLEF® capacity expansion is a new great , impressive example of the strength of Solvay’s Specialty Polymers organic growth potential. We have launched since the end of 2005 a significant number of new investments - PTFE fine powders and micro powders, Hyflon® MFA/PFA, PFPE Fluorofluids, Polysulfones, PEEK, Ultrapolymers, PVDC barrier polymers - which are consolidating our world leadership in the field of the highest performance materials that address the most sophisticated and stringent requirements of key, fast-growing, industries,” said Vincenzo Morici. “This was made possible thanks to the great skills and capabilities of our research, manufacturing and commercial teams,” added Morici, General Manager of the Specialty Polymers Strategic Business Unit, Solvay.

“We are quite excited by this new expansion that will allow Solvay Solexis to continue serving successfully its SOLEF® customers and growing in the global PVDF markets. With a unique upward integration into raw materials and a broad technological excellence in fluoromaterials, Solvay Solexis combines some crucial competitive advantages. This ensures not only stability of supply, but above all superior performance and quality of our products - for the benefit of our customers,” said Pierre Joris, Chief Executive Officer of Solvay Solexis. “With this capacity expansion and leveraging such advantages, we are now poised to further develop our position on this very dynamic market,” added Joris.

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