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NOVAe Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer Comes with New Features

Scientific Solutions is happy to announce that Quantachrome has released an upgrade of the very popular NOVAe Surface Area and Pore Size Distribution Analyser. This new instrument is now available in Australia and New Zealand from Scientific Solutions.

In common with its brother instrument, the extremely versatile Autosorb, the NOVAe now features a liquid level sensor in the liquid nitrogen dewar. This level sensor provides the ability to maintain not only a constant liquid Nitrogen level around the sample cell, but also ensures that the cold zone is as small as possible.

This, in turn, increases the sensitivity of the instrument over alternative techniques by several times. When used in connection with filler rods, the sensitivity can be increased by more than 10 times over alternate methods.

The new capabilities of the NOVAe are fitted to both the standard and FDA CFR 21 Part 11 versions of the instrument.

Additionally, firmware upgrades can now be loaded directly from a PC, providing ultimate software upgrade flexibility.

The new NOVAe Series includes models with one, two, three, and four sample ports to satisfy the analytical throughput needs of any laboratory. Upgrading the number of analysis ports is now greatly simplified allowing the NOVA e instruments to easily adapt to changing laboratory needs. New ergonomic cabinet styling, improves access to analysis and sample preparation ports for greater convenience and a powerful Pentium® based microprocessor quickly processes user instructions from the membrane keypad for greater speed and productivity.

With the NOVAWin software, the NOVA e Series may be controlled from a PC and reports generated with a comprehensive range of classical and modern surface area and pore size The new NOVA e Series capability positions Quantachrome Instruments, once again, in the forefront of leading-edge surface area and pore size technology.

Scientific Solutions are the Surface Science instrumentation specialists with a wealth of experience in supplying solutions for research and development and industrial measurement requirements.

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