New KSV 5000 Series Langmuir Blodgett Trough for Surface Science and Technology

Scientific Solutions has an exclusive distribution agreement with KSV Instruments, Finland, who have, among a wide range of surface science products, the most sophisticated Langmuir Blodgett devices available

The formation of insoluble monolayers at controlled packing densities is of great interest in many areas of science and technology. For example, the determination of "surface pressure isotherms" is a common tool in studies of lipid physics and chemistry. The creation and transfer of well-ordered functional molecules to solid surfaces finds use in a myriad of nanotechnology applications

The foundation of the KSV 5000 is the modular Langmuir trough which can be converted from conventional film balance to high performance Langmuir-Blodgett instrument or fully-equipped alternating multilayer device.

The heart of the KSV 5000 is the control module, the rest of the system built around it using the desired functional modules and accessories. After proper set-up and calibration at the factory, the functional modules are simply plugged into the control module and the system is ready to use.

The KSV 5000 Series is available in several basic modular configurations, however the modularity of the KSV 5000 means that the configuration can be upgraded at any time.

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