Highest Refractive Index Thermosetting Resin Developed

Nitto Denko Corp have developed a thermosetting resin with the highest refractive index in the world. It recorded a value of 1.76 while maintaining excellent thermal resistance and processing properties as a thermosetting material.

The refractive index of the thermosetting resin can be increased through the addition titanium dioxide, zirconium dioxide and other metal oxide nanoparticles. This can lead to low power consumption and thinness through the enhancement of light emission-reception efficiency in equipment.

Potential applications for this material include optical materials and optical communications-related optical materials for LCD, electroluminescent and other display types, as well as luminous and photosensitive devices such as LEDs and CCDs.

Specific applications envisaged for this material include:

  • Element coatings for LED’s - Improving the light emission and reception efficiency of white LED’s.
  • Antireflective films for display devices - Such films will be able to improve the performance of LCD’s and other display devices
  • Microlenses for CCD’s - By increasing the amount of light received, the design of highly sensitive CCD’s and high definition CCD’s will be facilitated. This will lead to the design of smaller equipment.

Advantages of this material include:

  • The high refractive index leads to excellent luminous and photosensitive efficiency
  • Excellent processing and thermal resistance properties
  • Even higher refractive index materials can be achieved through the addition of other materials such as metal oxides

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