Revolutionary Composite Sheet Piling Systems from Crane Materials

Crane Materials International, an Atlanta based manufacturer of synthetic sheet piling, high performance docks, and innovative marine construction products, will now offer two new composite sheet pile sections unlike anything the world has ever seen. The revolutionary new fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) sheet piling is best described as, "Herculean".

Until now, the largest FRP sheet piling produced was 18" (46 cm) wide and .26" (0.27 cm) thick. ShoreGuard GG50 is three feet (91 cm) wide and .355" (0.90 cm) in thickness. As amazing as that may be, GG50 is the smaller of the two - GG70 is four feet (122 cm) wide and .470" (1.20 cm) in thickness. With size also comes strength. ShoreGuard Ultra Composite GG70 is three times stronger than any fiberglass sheet piling offered by anyone other than CMI.

For the first time in synthetic manufacturing history there is a composite sheet piling that can truly compete with steel sheet piling. The technology for engineering and manufacturing stronger composite materials has been revolutionized by CMI to reach this historic mark in construction. In the past other manufactures have erroneously pushed the limits of marketing by claiming their FRP to be "stronger than steel". CMI now offers composite sheet piling that can safely be installed in applications where steel profiles were, until now, the only option. "Our team has more experience in the design and manufacture of FRP sheet pile than any other company". Said Mike Yeats, Chief Engineer, CMI. "I am very exited about the prospect of being designed into applications where, before now, steel was the only choice".

The sheer size of these new profiles also means that virtually no other manufacturing facility in the world has the technology and capability to produce these products. This will prevent attempts at sub-standard copies by other manufacturers that can fail in critical applications.

A sampling of the numerous benefits of ShoreGuard Ultra Composite:

  • Will not rust, corrode, rot or decay like other conventional materials
  • Lightweight for ease of installation and material handling as well as significantly reduced transportation costs
  • Lower cost as compared to traditional materials

The obvious applications for the new sheet piling products are tall seawalls & retaining walls. However this revolutionary product is ideal for some not-so-obvious uses:

  • Cutoff walls & containment barriers- the width of the sheets will reduce the amount of sealant needed for the interlocks thus lowering project costs.
  • Flood control structures- the rigidity of our fiberglass sheet piling makes it an excellent choice
  • Dike core and dike extension- the stiff sheets install very quickly

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