Improving the Performance of Green Packaging

Rohm and Haas improves the performance of green packaging with the launch of their new additive, PARALOID(TM) BPM-500, an impact modifier that broadens the usability of bioplastics by making them stronger without sacrificing clarity. PARALOID(TM) BPM-500 supports the packaging industry's movement toward sustainability by enhancing polylactic acid (PLA) polymer, an innovative bioplastic derived from a renewable resource, such as corn, and used in some packaging applications.

The packaging industry's move toward PLA resin has been hampered by unmodified PLA being somewhat weaker and more brittle than traditional materials. Previous attempts to strengthen PLA packaging have sacrificed transparency in their efforts. Rohm and Haas' new PLA additive, PARALOID(TM) BPM-500, toughens PLA packaging while maintaining clarity, thereby fulfilling a key industry need.

Using dispersible nanoparticles that do not scatter light, PARALOID(TM) BPM-500 allows for the production of PLA packaging material that exhibits less than 10% haze at 5% loading, a significant advantage compared to other additives on the market. Combining this visual transparency with the stronger impact and tear-resistance achieved with PARALOID(TM) BPM-500 creates an improved consumer experience and an eco-friendly product. In addition, PARALOID(TM) BPM-500 complies with food contact requirements in Europe and with room temperature food contact requirements in the United States.

"It is important for additive technology to be in-step with bioplastic material development so that necessary performance criteria will be achieved," said Suzanne Carroll, Rohm and Haas Packaging Marketing Manager. "Extending our additive product line to provide solutions for new bioplastics is a way that we can focus innovation for the good of the environment." Rohm and Haas is committed to environmentally enhanced technology and PARALOID(TM) BPM-500 provides the needed solution to allow broader use of PLA packaging.

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