Harman Corp Now Offers an Increased Range of Vinyl Plastic Caps

Harman Corporation announces its newly expanded offering of vinyl plastic caps. Harman plastic caps are reliable, cost effective products available in a great range of diameters, lengths, colors, textures and chemical formulations.

A diverse range of customers uses Harman Corporation plastic caps, as both industrial aids and finished components on larger assemblies. As an industrial aid, plastic caps protect products from edge, thread, contaminant and transit damage. Additionally, they are used as masks for plating, painting and coating operations. The range of finished component applications is extremely broad including handle grips for levers, valves, hand tools and toys. Non-grip applications include hubcaps, post covers, corner or sharp edge covers, and packaging to prevent sharp bends in cable or high-pressure hoses.

Plastic Caps' diameters range from .062" – 5.500" standard, with molding capabilities up to 20" diameter and up to 24" long. Harman stocks over 100 current and custom color matched pigments, textures include high gloss, matte, textured and foam finishes. Specialty material formulations include high temperature resistant, FDA, anti-stat (ESD), copper non-staining and UL-94-V flame resistant.

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