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Lectra Launches Two New Products for The Cutting of Composite Materials

Lectra announces the launch of two new versions of its Vector cutters, dedicated to the cutting of composite materials: VectorComposite-67 and VectorComposite-67E.

The extreme complexity of composite materials resides in the infinite number of combinations to assemblate composites such as carbon fiber, fiberglass and aramid fiber. Their use is increasing as they offer specific properties: powerful shock resistance and resistance to temperature changes.

“The main benefit of the new of VectorComposite cutters is that they can operate in environments that are saturated with carbon dust, the distinguishing feature of production environments in these industries,” states Pierre-Michel Richer, Manufacturing Product Line Marketing Manager, Lectra.

The loading and cutting devices are fully adapted to difficult production environments. All electronic elements are protected from carbon dust. The workstation is apart from the Vector and its rigorous security devices is ensuring user safety and comfort. With this level of protection, VectorComposite provides optimum cutting quality, while addressing the severe requirements of these industries.

The new versions of VectorComposite can also be equipped with two different models of inkjet printers, allowing tracking of cutting operations. The first model prints text according to a predetermined axis. It is suitable for marking pieces with simple geometry. The second model prints text in 360° and is therefore suitable for identifying complex pieces placed in any direction.

The new loading device is designed to unroll both pre-impregnated and dry composites, while assuring perfect alignment of different layers.

The VectorComposite 67E version is longer and allows forms of an exceptional length to be cut, such as windmill or helicopter blades.

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