TriQuint Semiconductor Acquires RF Discrete Transistor Specialist

TriQuint Semiconductor, a leading manufacturer of wireless products, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Peak Devices, Inc., of Boulder, Colorado, in a cash transaction introduced last month. Peak Devices is a privately held, fabless semiconductor company with a highly experienced RF team that focuses on RF discrete transistor technology. Its market segments include 2-Way Communications, FM and Television Broadcast, Telecommunications, Avionics, Radar, and Military.

“With the completion of the acquisition of Peak Devices, we take another step toward diversifying our technology portfolio, and further our strategy to cultivate revenue across multiple high-growth markets,” said Ralph Quinsey, TriQuint Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In the August 21st initial acquisition announcement, Mr. Quinsey remarked that Peak’s technology may enable the software definable radio, which has long been a target of the wireless industry. Peak has developed proprietary semiconductor technology in which a single wide bandwidth amplifier may replace multiple high power multiplexer-combined-amplifiers.

Peak Devices CEO Bill McCalpin will lead the new TriQuint Colorado operation. “Our team is eager to join TriQuint. We look forward to expanding our reach through TriQuint’s global salesforce, and working with their design teams to incorporate our wide band technology in upcoming product plans,” he said. “I believe the combination of TriQuint’s advanced semiconductor technologies such as GaN (Gallium Nitride) and High Voltage HBT with our wideband circuit technology will bring high power RF amplifiers to new levels of performance.”

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