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Materials Societies Podcasts

MRS IMRC 2008, Professor Eric Garfunkel, Rutgers University

Having identified China as an important part of the materials community the US MRS are collaborating with the Chinese MRS to organise a joint meeting to encourage collaborations and establishment of new trade relationships.

ASM INTERNATIONAL - Thomas Passek, Associate Managing Director

Tom talks to us about the success of MS&T, the largest materials event in North America that brings together ASM International, the American Ceramic Society, the AIST and TMS and 6000 materials professionals.

ACerS - Jennifer Burnham, Marketing Manager and Megan Mehan, Marketing and Membership Services

More recently the the ACerS have rolled out a new web site offering more to members, including news and access to the well respected Journal of the American Ceramic Society and access to new phase equilibria diagrams, currently number over 20,000.