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BIPV Glass Markets 2014 and Beyond

BIPV Glass Markets 2014 and Beyond


NanoMarkets latest report on BIPV glass studies future scenarios for BIPV. It includes a comprehensive eight-year market forecast with breakouts by PV technology and type of building and in both value and volume terms. NanoMarkets discusses the BIPV glass strategies of leading glass and PV firms as well the community of firms whose core business is developing and installing BIPV glass.

One possible road to a larger addressable market for BIPV glass will be to use solution-processed PV layers and note that both Pilkington and AGC are already actively involved in joint development projects that could do just that. The NanoMarkets report examines the economics of BIPV glass will evolve based on c-Si, thin-film, and DSC/OPV materials.

BIPV Glass Report

The report discusses how BIPV glass can be sold to architects who are skeptical of the BIPV glass concept but remain the major decision makers on the demand side. This is about improved marketing. As discussed in this report it is a matter of playing up the aesthetic advantage of solar glass (for example with tinted and colored products) and by incorporating additional smart features such as hybrid light/photovoltaic capability. The report is based on the ongoing market of NanoMarkets of publishing industry analyses of various segments of the BIPV market, an area in which the company has been involved for five years.


The report covers changes in market conditions for BIPV glass since the previous report, opportunity analysis and roadmap by type of BIPV glass product, which include skylights, atrium glass, canopies and pergolas, building facades and curtain walls and windows. The report also covers companies to watch in the BIPV glass market, opportunity analysis by country or region and summary of eight-year forecasts for BIPV glass.

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