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Thin-Film and Printed Batteries Markets 2014-2021

Thin-Film and Printed Batteries Markets 2014-2021


NanoMarkets has offered coverage on the printed and thin-film batteries market for six years and has an excellent understanding of what makes this market to tick. These power sources were covered during this period and certain firms in this space have made slow and steady progress both in terms of business development and technically. Few of them generate significant revenue. Other thin-film and printed battery firms have quit the market.

The market addressed by these batteries is what has changed. When the printed battery and thin-film business first appeared it was thought that the main opportunity was RFID. However, RFIDs have not succeeded as expected. In contrast, these thin batteries are highly suited for powered smartcards, but for now this just a niche.

Thin Film and Printed Battery Market

It appears that there may be a new opportunity in the form of the Internet-of-things that promises ubiquitous sensors and other low-cost electronics. It is important that these devices are powered and “thin” batteries may be just the power source that the Internet-of-Things needs.

In this report, these emerging opportunities are studied by NanoMarkets and also the latest material and design strategies adopted by the printed and thin film battery makers are discussed and it is also assessed how successful they are in the marketplace.


This report as in the case of all NanoMarkets reports includes an eight-year forecast in volumes and value terms. The funding of firms in this space and how that will shape the thin-film battery market is also discussed. This report needs to be read not just for firms in the battery industry but for all firms interested in the new opportunities appearing in the Internet-of-Things, smart packaging and other related markets.

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