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Accurate and Aesthetic Viscosity – Introducing the V-Compact

Fungilab’s main focus since its establishment has been to research, develop and manufacture the most advanced viscometers in order to offer our clients the highest and most accurate performance in the viscosity measurement. In this interview, AZoM speaks to Fungilab CEO, Ernest Buira, about Fungilabs' latest innovation, the V-Compact.

Please introduce your company to our readers. What is the core path of Fungilab?

Fungilab is a family endeavour. For my parents, the objective of starting a company was more profound than I understood at the time. They wanted progression, change—they wanted to start a revolution within the industry they had come to know so well. The last 35 years have been a strong period of learning and growth for Fungilab, and we value every moment for all that we have gained.

Today, Fungilab is an international company expertized in viscosity measurements. We manufacture and supply the most advanced instrumentation for this market.  

How does Fungilab apply its new technology into its products?

Fungilab continues expanding its international presence while developing and manufacturing innovative scientific instruments. Our constant development of intuitive and user-friendly services sets us apart from our competitors: we are not just an instrumentation company, we are a creative and progressive group of thinkers. Our sense of creativity is only matched by our strong commitment to scientific and technical research. Our products are designed in partnership with a fantastic group of in-house engineers. Their passion for creating and inventing is at the foundation of our excellent products. Our line of wireless viscometers are the first of their kind.

What does the concept of new product line brings to the table vs. competition?

Fungilab continues to surpass the standard by maintaining a determined and progressive outlook, aiming against all odds to revolutionize the user experience forever. Our product range include different solutions for kinematic and dynamic viscosity measurements.  Fungilabs' top innovations today include our FGB V Series: high-performance, most advance rotational viscometers fully controlled by the Fungilab Application/ Software.

The V-Series viscometers are revolutionized instruments that offers the user endless options of programming and customization. They are fully controlled using intuitive mobile application. The system utilizes a purely wireless interface to eliminate buttons and screens. This newly developed software provides full functionality and control over the entire instrument; all input settings, functions and parameters can be accessed on mobile devices.

Thanks to cordless functionality, it was possible to imbue the V-Series with fluent, minimalistic design that reinvents the appearance of the lab viscometer. The V-Series are sleek and innovative instruments that does not consume a lot of space. They are easy customizable, less wasteful and more user friendly.

Name the best viscometer in the V-series line, and explain why it is better than what is already available on the market?

The top of the line inside the V Series, the V-Compact is specifically designed to be used in a wider range of viscosity fluids. One of the standout features of the V-Compact design is the ability to customize the range of the viscometer without purchasing an alternative instrument. The V-Compact features different viscometer heads (L,R,H) which can easily be exchanged. In general all rotational viscometers are supplied with specific viscosity range which is defined by the letter L,R, or H. Where L stands for low ranges, R stands for regular, and H for very high viscosity range. The V- Compact has all of this ranges included in the same unit. Changing the boss head gives the customer a possibility to work with very different wide ranges, without the need to purchase three separate instruments.


V-Compact (Credits: Fungilab)

Another very special feature that is built into the V-Compact is the Heldal motor that offers the user an opportunity to test low flowing substances. Until now all the available viscometers on the market for high viscosity ranges would have to be supplied with a special motor - an accessory that has to be bought separately. V-Compact comes supplied with that feature build in.

Thanks to V-Series viscometers, Fungilab has impressive technology that not only our customer recognize, but it is also awarded internationally.  In 2015, Fungilab was given 2015 Award of Instrument Business Outlook and in 2016, the company was also awarded with the Red Dot Award. Both awards were in recognition of the V-Compact, the first rotational wireless viscometer in the market.

What are the advantages of using a rotational viscometer over other methods?

Rheological measurements are essential for formulation, process and material control across all industries and applications. Most viscometers operate by rotating a spindle in the sample. Viscosity is determined by measuring resistance to this rotational force. Viscometers, in comparison to rheometers, are usually relatively simple instruments. Their simplicity of design and operation can offer advantages for operator ease of use, particularly within a busy QC environment.

A viscometer is a low cost instrument that is simple to use and can offer portability for remote or field testing. It is highly suitable for quality control testing and for on-line process control. The rheometer represents a greater investment, but is essential for the complete material characterization. Both instruments are complementary, and it is not uncommon within a single organization to find viscometers used for QC testing on products that have been developed using a rheometer.

Another advantage of using rotational viscometer instead of let's say a capillary viscometer, is that with rotational viscometer wide ranges of viscosity can be covered. It means that viscometer can be used in many field, and the accuracy and fast readings reduce the measuring time tremendously. And in the end it is cost effective instrument.

Image Credits: Fungilab

How do you think your new design will impact the industry or market?

The system utilizes a purely wireless interface to eliminate buttons and screens. The simple, elegant frame and head balances features to create a clean, sleek appearance that reinvents the appearance of the lab viscometer. Our priority is to enhance the user experience by simplifying and streamlining their research processes at the testing phase.

The viscometer functions alongside Fungilab App—all parameters and input settings are controlled on a mobile phone or tablet. The app also allows designated laboratory personnel to remotely access test data as they oversee multiple projects in different research facilities. Users also have access to customer representatives through an online chat feature when immediate assistance is required. Accessibility is the foundation of the V-Series; it aims to provide an enriched and innovative experience that is constantly being improved.

What does the APP offers the customer?

Viscosity is not an easy file to understand. The priority for us was to make this science more approachable and more understandable.  That’s how the idea to create an APP, that is and educational tool was born. In many ways, it is perfect for students, who can be trained in the field of viscosity and learn about its significance in the field of scientific testing. Our idea was to design a learning tool for those who are just starting in this field as well as extending it to the QC departments.

The newly developed software provides full functionality and parameters can be accessed on mobile devices like smartphones or tablet PC`s that support the application. This allows users to be in constant touch with Fungilab innovations and news. Because of that, the V-Series viscometer is an “open” instrument constantly updated with new technologies via the APP. Another important feature that the App offers is that the customer can manage and control all instrumentation that FGB V-Series is currently offering, as well as the ones that are being developed as we speak. The user has endless possibility to control all the units in one system.

What are the application fields?

Basically anything that requires to measure properties of any fluid. To name a few: pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, food, personal care and cosmetics, asphalt, glue, paper coatings, slurries.

Where can our readers find out more about the V-Series and Fungilab?

Please visit our web site for more information and follow us on social media. You can also get in touch with us in our offices located in New York, Latin America, Europe and Asia. And I encourage you to stop by our booths for a face to face, hands on interaction with our representatives and our instruments, at one of the trade show that we are planning to attend in the future. You will find the updated schedule on our web site.

About Ernest Buira

Ernest Buira is the Chief Executive Officer of Fungilab. As the CEO of Fungilab he is responsible for running all facets of the business. Ernest has a proven executive management track record and experience driving sales growth in the technology industry. As a Head of Strategy and Design at Fungilab he has expended the company`s line of high-quality scientific instrumentation by designing products with a modern and progressive edge. Under Ernest' guidance, the company pioneered a series of revolutionary technologies and are now seen as dictating the evolution of modern technology. Ernest has over 15 year of experience in Rheology, Engineering, Management, and Commercial Operations.

Ernest Buira

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