Stripping Copper Transformer Wires Efficiently

Insulation-coated, copper wires employed in transformer production can be rapidly stripped using induction technology. At a temperature of 1,112 °F (600 °C), the coating evaporates in a matter of seconds, making the process suitable for industrial applications such as the production of electrical machinery or transformers.

Before connecting to the transformer, the ends of the wires should be stripped of this coating – a normal process that requires some time. This can be achieved using a range of techniques. However, sanding down the insulation is tough if the wire has a number of layers, and a process using open flames carries certain safety and health risks.

Wire Stripping With Induction

MFG Generator for Induction Heating

Considering these factors, induction heating is a quicker and safer option. Furthermore, heat is distributed evenly in the metal – irrespective of the complexity of the wire’s winding – and causes fewer defects. eldec LLC advises using 30 kW medium-frequency generators as well as a customized inductor that has a special coating to prevent short circuits when making contact with the wire during the heating process. eldec’s MFG generator has a control that ensures perfectly even, fast and efficient heat input.

Benefits include:

  • Uniform stripping
  • Precise control
  • Rapid processes
  • Customized generator configuration

MFG Generator for Induction Heating

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