Tradeshow Talks with Leica Microsystems - AeroMat 2018

Tradeshow Talks with Leica Microsystems1511

Can you tell me why you are attending AeroMat 2018.

Leica makes a series of products designed for industrial imaging applications. The companies here are spraying material that needs to be identified on a microscale level. We provide the tools that, after they have sprayed their products, they can then do quality analysis to make sure that the spray or the coating that they have applied meets the specifications that they need.

Are there any particular products that you're highlighting during this show?

We have a digital microscope called the DVM6 which is fully automated that a lot of customers are using for multiple applications whether it's porosity analysis, steel analysis or 3D measurement analysis. Then, we have also got our stereo microscopes that have incredibly large working distance, high resolution and have built in cameras for ease of use.

What sets you aside from any competitors in your space?

We have been in the space for a significant amount of time. We have dedicated software applications for a lot of the applications that the customers are using. The optics are really built for people in the industrial space over just applying a one size fits all approach.


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