Tradeshow Talks with Odyssey Technical Solutions at SEMICON West 2018

Tradeshow Talks with
Odyssey Technical Solutions
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Can you tell me about Odyssey Technical Solutions and why you're here at SEMICON West this year?

We service high-frequency power supplies, auto matches, microwave systems, big DC power supplies for the semiconductor world. We've been doing this 18 years, this is our eighth year to exhibit at SEMICON. Adrian's from our Singapore office. We have another location over there.

Every year we come here we meet new customers and we make new contacts. So far it's been worth it every year. Adrian's been coming with us for three years now, and he's even meeting customers from Singapore here at SEMICON West, which is really good for both of us.

Can you tell us about the products that you want to promote this year at SEMICON West?

Our main products are service products, and now we're the North, South, and Central American distributor for Comet vacuum capacitors, which are used in a lot of the parts we fix.

What are the benefits of their products?

Comet, there's three or four manufacturers globally, but they're by far the highest quality part you can get. They're a Swiss made part.

What sets them apart from others on the market?

The quality, their quality is outstanding.

What applications will see the benefit of your products?

They’re used in the tuners, the auto matches, RF auto matches. We replace whatever the manufacturer of that auto match used. Luckily for us, the majority are Comet. They're by far the biggest leader. They have the most market share.

Can you tell us about the industries that will see the benefits?

Some industrial, some broadcast, but probably 90 plus percent is semiconductor related.

What do you hope to gain from this year's SEMICON West?

New customers, new contacts and more business.

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