Innovations in Molecular Spectroscopy, Imaging and Detection

Mid-infrared lasers offer revolutionary solutions within the field of molecular spectroscopy, detection and imaging within a range of sectors including scientific research, life sciences, defense, security and process control.

DRS Daylight Solutions offers unparalleled, proven performance within its laser product range. Its products offer the following features:

  • Rapid scanning
  • Broad tuning
  • Low RIN
  • Wavelengths from 3 – 13 µm
  • CW or pulsed operation
  • Narrow linewidth
  • Multi-watt output

Thanks to its highly competent and experienced team, the company is uniquely positioned to accommodate a diverse and expanding array of application needs.

Scientific Research

In order to make important breakthroughs, researchers must have access to cutting-edge technology that they can rely on. DRS Daylight Solutions has spent over 10 years developing and delivering the most accomplished quantum cascade laser-base systems and accessories to the pioneers of mid-IR.

The company’s laser product range spans mode-hop-free tuning through to ultra-low RIN, meaning that there is likely to be a DRS Daylight laser suitable for almost any application. In fact, researchers using DRS Daylight lasers have published over 150 papers in respected scientific journals.

These published papers can act as an ever-expanding resource, featuring a range of expert insights which can help customers to confidently choose the optimum laser for their application.

Life Sciences

IR spectroscopy is proving to be an invaluable means of studying molecules and molecular processes that have biomedical significance. With diseases such as Alzheimer’s possibly linked to protein misfolding, process control that is essential for pharmaceutical biofermentation and pain-free glucose monitoring being highly sought after, the importance of advances in these areas cannot be denied.

Thanks to its range of lab-based and OEM laser and wavelength options which are ideal for the detection of bio-molecules, DRS Daylight Solutions is perfectly positioned to support these important application areas.

Environmental Monitoring

Another important field is that of air quality monitoring. In fact, at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, DRS Daylight lasers have been field-proven in challenging environmental sensing applications, from CO to CHx and NOx to SOx.

The extensive range of lasers and wavelengths on offer means that there is an ideal solution available for any technique, whether this is a high power laser for open-path measurements or a mode-hop-free tuning laser for proximity detection.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Daylight Solutions Inc.

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