Smart Stationary OES for Increasing Metal Production Opportunities

Upgrading a Stationary Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) to the Hitachi High-Tech FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart can create new opportunities for the user along with resolving any present metal testing requirements. Clients have found that by upgrading to a state-of-the-art stationary OES, it increases their production of alloys and gives them more access to the international market.

Instant Advantages of the FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart

Selecting the compact FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart OES is the user’s first stage in increasing productivity in the foundry. A benefit that can be instantly noticed is more efficient operations. From melt monitoring to QA or QC in the shipping and manufacturing process, materials can be efficiently and simply analyzed, approved, and verified.

Accurate results are given each time that the user needs to test the melt or give a reading for the customer, reducing the chances of mix-ups, delays, or errors. The FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart also saves space due to its small size, which means it fits easily on top of a desk and can be safely transported where necessary.

OES instruments by Hitachi are simple to operate, although they are created and manufactured to an extremely high specification. The FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart does not utilize X-rays and needs only a small amount of user training.

Therefore, operators can stay on the foundry floor for as long as possible which keeps their productivity at a high level. The user is required to wear standard foundry clothing and use standard equipment only in order to use this instrument (for example, safety glasses and gloves.)

Increase Alloy Production and PMI

The FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart provides the user with the opportunity and confidence to meet any special requirements from new or existing customers from a range of industries such as medical and food engineering. It also allows the user to increase their production of alloys and to enter the global market.

The foundry Krause Präzisions-Kokillenguss GmbH based in Germany were able to increase their production of alloys due to the accurate melt testing performance of the Hitachi FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart throughout the trial phases.

In the past, the foundry was limited to copper and aluminum alloys, but with the introduction of the FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart, they were able to include steel and iron materials in their production. All 12 alloys created by Krause could be analyzed with one instrument during all processing stages.

An additional feature that benefits the user is the ability to access three sides of the OES, allowing the testing of irregular samples to be simple.

Even where samples may be smaller, or may have a difficult shape such as wire or curved surfaces, the results continue to be efficient and correct. If this is a feature that a customer’s present OES instrument cannot provide, then one must ask whether it is holding back their potential to develop new products.

Access International Markets with the FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart

Globally, there are over 1,500 copper alloys available. The global standards for each alloy vary, and utilizing hard-copy catalogs to discover these can be a lengthy process, and each standard may also be subject to changes in legislation.

The FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart provides the user with an integrated GRADE database to help search for and meet these global and local standards, including those from America and Asia.

There are more than 12 million records available in the database, which means the user can increase their business scope to 69 countries and maintain confidence that their test results are efficient, correct, and compliant.

Even if the user does not currently need the feature, the possibility to expand matrices is critical for a business’ future production development as the world of manufacturing is ever-changing.

Is it Time to Upgrade a Stationary OES?

If a current OES analyzer does not include all the benefits of the FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart, the customer can schedule an on-site demonstration to have a trial of the easy, efficient and trustworthy analyzer for the analysis of alloys.

If the customer does select an upgrade, Hitachi High-Tech has designed the process to be as supportive and smooth as possible, with technical assistance from the point of ordering, to training and then installment.

With the efficient delivery and leading technical support, Krause Präzisions-Kokillenguss GmbH was able to begin testing metals and securely storing data on their network once the instrument was installed.

We are very satisfied, especially with the ease of opening and cleaning the spark stand and straightforward operation using a laptop.

Sebastian Ludwig, Lead Metallurgist, Krause Präzisions-Kokillenguss GmbH

The excellent performance of the FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart is applicable for foundries that need quick, quality assurance for themselves and their customers, both now and in the future.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science.

For more information on this source, please visit Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science.


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