Flexible Fabric Keyboards for Smart Phones

Eleksen, world leaders in soft interface technology have released a flexible keyboard for use with the SPV Smart Phone, which is currently available in France, Denmark, Switzerland and the UK through the Orange phone network.

The flexible keyboard allows users to type on a user friendly sized keyboard rather then the small keyboards available on the phone itself. This technology allows users to more effectively use the bandwidth and processing power that is becoming available through mobile communications technology for features like internet surfing, e-mail, SMS or even gaming.

However, the best feature of the keyboard is that it can be folded or crumpled up repeatedly without affecting its performance, making it easy to carry around.

The flexible fabric keyboards can be adapted to almost any mobile device, providing a means to keep devices small and portable, while providing versatility. This enables device designers and manufacturers to keep the size of their products down, whilst maintaining functionality.

Posted March 2003


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