Combustion Performance of Fuels – the minispec mq-one Hydrogen Analyzer

Bruker offers the minispec mq-one Hydrogen Analyzer that can be used to measure the hydrogen content to determine the combustion performance of fuels. The quality of various fuels, for instance aviation fuel, combustion fuel and petrol, can be measured in less than a minute as per ASTM D7171 method.

The minispec mq-one NMR method satisfies speed, accuracy, and precision. Calibration of the minispec for percent hydrogen is generally obtained with reference samples. These reference samples may be either pure hydrocarbons or production samples with known percent hydrogen values. The mq-one Hydrogen Analyzer is a better alternative to former continuous Wave Systems.

Key Features

The main features of the minispec mq-one Hydrogen Analyzer are:

  • Fast and easy calibration with commercially available hydrocarbons
  • Minimum sample preparation and easy measurement
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • ASTM method

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