Spin Finish Fibre, Oil Pickup (OPU) Analysis –the minispec mq-one Spin Finish Analyzer

Bruker supplies the new mq-one Spin Finish Analyzer with calibration validation and transfer samples, thus rendering seamless upgrade to this analyzer. The one-unit design of the analyzer ensures reliable results, both for short and long term stabilities. The weighless method can be used to analyze Spin Finish content or the weighing method can be employed for ultimate reproducibility.

Bruker's innovative Spin Finish sample tubes eliminate systematic errors caused by sample transfer. In fact, mono-, multi- and stable-fibers can be easily transferred. These Spin Finish tubes are developed from selected polymer materials and form an integral part of the mq-one Spin Finish Analyzer.

In case of the Spin Finish application, low finish concentrations need to be quantified accurately and reproducibly. In order to check the validity of the calibration, the Spin Finish calibration validation sample set has been developed.

Key Features

The main features of the mq-one Spin Finish Analyzer are:

  • One-unit design ensures reliable results for both long and short term stabilities
  • Innovative Spin Finish sample tubes
  • Calibration validation and transfer samples
  • Calibration transfer from elder systems or cross-validation between QC labs is put to ease

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