InsightMR: Real-Time Data Analysis and Acquisition Control

Real-Time Data Analysis and Acquisition Control – the Solution for Process Monitoring

InsightMR is the ideal solution for academic and industrial scientists optimizing or investigating reactions, and is used for the analysis of chemical processes by NMR. It has two components — dedicated software and a flow tube — which allow real-time online monitoring of chemical reactions under real process conditions.

Thus, it is very convenient to gather insights into the mechanism and kinetics of chemical reactions.

  • Combined software and hardware solution for process understanding and optimization
  • NMR data can be harnessed in order to make strategic process chemistry decisions, thus leading to cost-savings
  • Provides answers to crucial chemical questions: mechanistic insights, reaction yield, and reaction kinetics

InsightMR Software

This software is used for the analysis of chemical processes by NMR. Integrated acquisition control and data processing features allow on-the-fly adjustment of acquisition parameters by relying on real-time kinetic data.

  • A single interface for interactive data analysis and automated acquisition control
  • Simple experiment set up. Default kinetics parameters provided for both non-deuterated and deuterated solvents
  • On-the-fly adjustment of acquisition parameters on the basis of real-time kinetic data
  • Supports acquisition, processing, and analysis of series of 1Ds (different nuclei), interleaved experiments and multi samples simultaneously
  • Convenient and quick handling of hundreds of stacked spectra
  • Integrates IconNMR, Dynamics Center, and TopSpin into one platform

InsightMR Flow Tube

The new flow tube enables real-time online monitoring of chemical reaction under real process conditions. This is accomplished by continuous and quick transfer of reaction mixtures from a reaction vessel into the flow tube, located in the NMR probe. The temperature is controlled during the flow from the vessel to the probe. The flow tube is designed to work with 5 mm probes, and is a multipurpose proposition to flow chemistry by NMR.

  • Tailor-made flow tube allows real-time online reaction monitoring by NMR under real process conditions
  • Interchangeable glass tube, which is robust and industry-tested
  • Temperature-controlled transfer lines
  • Can withstand pressures of more than 10 bar
  • Samples closer to the start of the reaction
  • Data can be simultaneously acquired using various analytical techniques: IR, NMR, pH, and MS

Flow Unit

Technical Details

NMR System Requirements

  • 5 mm probe
  • AVIII console and newer
  • Windows 7 configuration running TopSpin 3.5

Data Processing

The integration of Dynamics Center enables several post-acquisition options. Other than robust, powerful analysis algorithms, InsightMR allows real-time automated processing of data.

Acquisition Control

Utilization of Bruker’s IconNMR automation software, in combination with the new features offered by the advanced InsightMR software, enables seamless interaction between experiment set-up and spectrometer control for following dynamic processes.

InsightMR software interface: acquisition and spectra display windows are shown

Flow tube assembly: glass tube, sample holder, sample in and out tubing, temperature regulation lines and insulating cover.

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