Compact Continuous Wave Spectrometer (CW-EPR) - EMXmicro

The EMXmicro from Bruker is a new advanced compact continuous wave spectrometer (CW-EPR) with increased EPR performance in magnetic field and signal resolution.

The digital EMXmicro features a field controller and signal processor with unmatched precision and resolution. The spectrometer integrates both of these devices, and an optional temperature controller, in a console that has a footprint similar to that of a tower PC, freeing up lab space. The spectrometer offers unmatched performance-to-footprint ratio, and has a sensitivity up to 1200:1 (International Weak-Pitch Protocol).

The EMXmicro is offered by Bruker in a tower-like console with an optional variable temperature unit (ER4141VT).

Key Features

The main features of the EMXmicro are listed below:

  • 18 bit center field resolution, corresponding to a precision of <60 mG
  • 18 bit signal digitization
  • Full freedom in magnetic field sweep from 100 mG up to the maximum field
  • Up to 128,000 points for sweep axis
  • Sequential detection of 1st and 2nd harmonic (or 0° and 90° modulation phase)
  • Large and small signals can be detected at once with one gain setting independent of conversion time
  • Range of accessories and dedicated resonators

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