Laboratory NMR Machine - AVANCE NEO NanoBay from Bruker

Bruker’s NMR system the NEO NanoBay brings the famous power and performance of the AVANCE NEO in a smaller package.

Using a novel i-Probe design the AVANCE NEO NanoBay provides routine labs with the power of advanced NMR. Routine experiments can be run quickly with more accurate tuning and matching, with an accurate network analyzer for probe over-coupling and spin noise measurements.

  • Built with two-channel transmit and receive
  • Extended dynamic range
  • Easy siting for small analytical laboratories

Extended Dynamic Range

Advanced receiver and ADC electronics provide higher sensitivity for the AVANCE NEO and lower receiver gains than the AVANCE III HD.

More Compact and Always Multi-receive

AVANCE NEO has a better connected and smaller design. Every RF channel in the system has ADC, receiver and frequency generation contained within the same transceiver board. This means that the system is inherently multi-receive capable for any possible probe-nucleus pairing.

NMR Thermometer™

The novel Bruker NMR Thermometer™ uses a combination of SmartVT and a 2G Digilock to control the temperature of the sample using the 2H chemical shift in sample NMR signals that show temperature dependency.

Spectrometer overview of 400 MHz Ascend with Prodigy CryoProbe and AVANCE NEO Nanobay console.

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