Identity, Quantity and Classification Screening - AssureNMR

Recognized for the quality control of small molecule APIs, the AssureNMR software with Complete Reduction to Amplitude Frequency Table (CRAFT) is now able to complete an efficient and accurate evaluation of complex mixtures, like culture media, biologics, and biofluids. Targeted fingerprinting enables key metabolites to be matched and quantified. Access to large, public databases further improves identification.

An in-depth summary of the composition and classification of a range of samples can be automatically obtained using the AssureNMR. The software, with complete integration for instrument control, validates and optimizes the instrument performance using the Assure-System Suitability Test. It has the ability to be used in GMP environments, and it delivers a traceable record of sample analysis and results, making it suitable for research and development, and production environments.

With new product levels and capabilities, users can select a solution suitable for their screening requirements:

  • Launch provides spectral database building tools, with component identity search
  • Ascent provides automated identity search and quantification for multiple components
  • Summit features all of the tools required for a complete analysis, such as statistical analysis package with outlier detection as well as an additional desktop software license.

Key Features

The key features of the AssureNMR software are listed below:

  • Mixture and pure material analysis
  • GLP compatible
  • Fully customizable
  • Component analysis
    • Component identification
    • Absolute and relative quantification
    • Equation builder tool
  • Material identity
  • Chemometric analysis
    • Quantile plot
    • SIMCA outlier detection
    • Multi-class classification
    • PLS regression
  • Spectral Database (SBASE)
    • SBASE generation tools
    • SBASE matching tools
  • Automation
    • Data acquisition
    • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
    • Report generation
  • Instrument integration
    • Workflow management
    • Data quality check
    • System suitability tests for the optimization and verification of the instrument


The industrial applications and solutions of the AssureNMR software are as follows:

  • Material characterization
  • Chemical materials
  • Heparin flyer
  • Aloe vera flyer
  • Pharmaceuticals flyer
  • Metabolic profiling analysis
  • Botanical extracts
  • Polymers and oil bases flyer

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