Fluorine Content Measurement - minispec Toothpaste Analyzer

Bruker’s minispec Toothpaste Analyser is designed to detect both hydrogen and fluorine at the level of a few hundred ppm. One key application of this instrument is the determination of sodium-fluoride or monofluoro-phosphate in toothpaste.

The analyzer offers both speed and accuracy of analysis when compared to traditional methods. Sample preparation involves filling the glass tubes with paste and tempering them for 5 minutes. The ensuing measurement takes less than 10 minutes and can be performed even by untrained workers. Moreover, chemical solvents are not needed, thus making this method the fastest and simplest way of determining the fluoride content in toothpaste.

The NMR method is not dependent on sample surface, color, etc., and does not damage the paste. Using the same sample, the analysis can be repeated as often as possible.

Key Features

The main features of the minispec Toothpaste Analyser are:

  • Detects both hydrogen and fluorine at the level of a few hundred ppm
  • Determines sodium-fluoride/ monofluoro-phosphate in toothpaste
  • Eliminates the need for chemical solvents
  • Offers excellent speed and accuracy of analysis
  • Provides fast and convenient way of determining fluoride content
  • Does not depend on sample surface, color, etc; does not damage the paste

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