Contactless Check Weighing for Pharmaceutical Applications – minispec mq-one Check Contactless Weighing

Bruker’s minispec mq CCW is a Contactless Check Weighing instrument that is attracting significant interest, thanks to its unparalleled benefits for pharmaceutical production. The bench-top minispec mq CCW uses a magnetic resonance technology called TD-NMR. This technology is similar to MRI.

The pharmaceutical product is typically filled into vials, or syringes to a certain volume, which has to be carefully controlled. One common technique is weighing through a balance; however this is a two-step process and consumes significant amount of time. On the other hand, the CCW provides ease of calibration. The instrument can be calibrated by utilizing empty syringes or vials and adding different amounts of the desired product.

Key Features

The main features of the minispec mq CCW are:

  • Small footprint TD-NMR system
  • One-step check weighing
  • Easy and simple calibration
  • Maintenance free
  • Through-packaging measurement of the pharmaceutical compound (solid and liquid)
  • Non-destructive method, sample is available for additional checks (integrity and API content)
  • Well applicable to plastic and glass syringes, ampoules and vials
  • 21CFRpart11 compliant front-end software with optional LIMS interfacing
  • IQ and OQ support

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