Fat and Moisture Analysis - the minispec mq-one Fat Analyzer

The traditional TD-NMR method works suitably with a wide range of samples, such as food and feed, press cake and residues, single seeds and corn, as well as for chemicals, medical powders and tablets. However, for samples having high water content, another NMR pulse sequence and a different data evaluation has to be applied.

Bruker offers the mq-one Fat Analyzer, which uses the TD-NMR method to rapidly measure the total fat and moisture content with minimum calibration efforts. Calibration of the minispec can be as easy as taking pure oil or fat and preparing a few tubes having different weights of oil. Even an empty tube can be utilized as the lowest point into the minispec calibration that employs a simple regression to compare fat mass against the NMR signal. The higher the fat content, the greater the NMR signals.

Bruker Optics also supplies a wide range of glassware and/or plastic tubes for specific applications.

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