EPR Research- Elexsys II EPR Spectrometer

The ELEXSYS-II EPR spectrometer series from Bruker is a research platform capable of excellent flexibility and performance. It is a comprehensive series of spectrometer versions and EPR solutions, offering a novel approach to EPR instrumentation.

This series offers solution oriented spectroscopy that requires an excellent software strategy and advanced hardware. These spectrometers can be expanded with the DICE-II ENDOR equipment, the FT system, the imaging accessory, and microwave bridges from 1 GHz to 263 GHz for CW and/or FT operation, thereby enabling real multi-frequency and multi-resonance EPR.

Comprehensive software packages are provided with the ELEXSYS-II series. They are Aepr handles for 1D/2D data acquisition; Xepr handles data display and processing; and FDepr controls the DeviceNet, the high-speed communication between the server and the functional devices of the spectrometer.

Key Features

The key features of the ELEXSYS-II are:

  • The ELEXSYS-II is built for open-ended expandability.
  • It has full network capabilities with the possibility of a single user or a whole group working on the system.
  • embers of the group can work from different locations.
  • The client/server architecture assists in solving the conflict between multi-user/ multi-tasking and real-time functions.

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