Thermo Scientific™ Nexsa™ Surface Analysis System

The Thermo Scientific Nexsa is a high-performance X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer, designed to integrate other analytical techniques whilst maintaining a high-throughput workflow. With unique options such as the Thermo Scientific™ MAGCIS™ dual-mode ion source and the Thermo Scientific™ iXR™ Raman Spectrometer, the Nexsa system is ready for the toughest surface analysis problems.

The Nexsa Surface Analysis System helps you achieve understanding – quickly and easily. With a low power X-ray monochromator, coupled with a high-efficiency spectrometer, the instrument can collect high-quality data quickly, even for small feature analysis. 

Beyond XPS, the Nexsa system offers the ability to add complementary analysis capabilities, including the unique iXR Raman Spectrometer. This multi-technique functionality means that multi-dimensional data can be acquired from the same point, during the same experiment, automatically. 

The Avantage software manages all the experimental control, making sure that collecting complex data sets is easy; just choose the analysis points from the optical view or an XPS image. 

Application Areas

Metals, bio-materials, oxides, glass, fibers, carbon, ceramics, nanomaterials, powders, plastics and polymers.

Electrical Properties Physical Interactions Biological Nano-Materials Appearance
Transitor gates Non-Stick Implant acceptance 2D Materials Light transmission
Memory Scratch-resistant Drug elution nano-tubes Paint adhesion
Photovoltaics Waterproofing Anti-bacterial Core-shell nanoparticles Coatings
Contact resistance Composites Cell promotion    
Screen technology Flame retardants      


Product Features 

  • → High-performance XPS
  • → Rapid SnapMap XPS imaging
  • → Optional multi-technique integration: Raman, ISS, UPS, REELS
  • → Depth profiling
  • → Large sample handling
  • → Avantage Software for instrument control, data processing, and reporting
  • → Optional MAGCIS ion source for expanded depth profiling capabilities
  • → Optional transfer capabilities for air-sensitive samples


Fast, efficient, and fully featured – the Thermo Scientific Nexsa Surface Analysis System delivers!

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