Thermo Scientific Apreo SEM for Materials Science

The platform of choice for research on catalysts, powders, nanoparticles and nanodevices, the Apreo scanning electronic microscope (SEM) from Thermo Scientific™ provides first class results without compromising on magnetic sample performance. Its revolutionary compound lens design delivers unprecedented signal selection and resolution thanks to its use of magnetic immersion and electrostatic technology.

Using unique in-lens backscatter detection, the Apreo SEM provides excellent materials contrast, even with sensitive samples, or at tilt or short working distance. This novel approach to lens construction allows for further improvements in contrast with energy filtering, as well as adding charge filtering for imaging of insulated samples.

The Apreo’s optional low vacuum mode offers a 500 Pa maximum chamber pressure, allowing accurate imaging of even the most demanding insulators.

Thanks to its range of options including advanced detection, the compound final lens and flexible sample handling, the Apreo SEM is able to offer unmatched versatility and performance; and is able to rise to any research challenge both now and in the future.

Key Features

  • The compound final lens offers extraordinary resolution of 1.0 nm at 1 kV. It can offer this on any sample, without the need for beam deceleration, even if the sample is topographic or tilted.
  • Materials contrast is always available, guaranteeing the most useful backscatter detection. This remains the case with even low voltage and beam currents, at any tilt angle, at TV-rate imaging or on beam sensitive samples.
  • Unmatched detector flexibility means that information can be combined from individual detector segments to obtain the best contrast or signal intensity.
  • The Apreo SEM boasts a superior range of charge mitigation strategies, including a specific low vacuum mode with a chamber pressure of up to 500 Pa.
  • A small spotsize and high beam currents are provided by the Apreo SEM’s superior analytics platform. The chamber itself supports coplanar EDS and EBSD, three EDS detectors and low vacuum that is optimized for analytics.
  • The Nav-Cam+ and multi-purpose sampler holder allow easy sample handling and navigation.
  • Even new users can achieve expert results thanks to the Apreo SEM’s presets, undo functionality and advanced user guidance.

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