Prof Besim Ben-Nissan

Associate Professor

University of Technology, Sydney

PO Box 123
PH: 61 (2) 95141784
Fax: 61 (2) 95141628
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Over the last two decades I have worked on the production and analysis of various advanced ceramics (alumina, zirconia, silicon nitrides), sol-gel derived thin films for corrosion and abrasion protection and biocompatibility, as well as optical and electronic ceramics.

I have also contributed in the areas of mechanical properties of sol-gel coatings, materials for implant technology (bioactive materials including conversion of Australian corals to hydroxyapatite), bio-composites, biomechanics (jaw bone, knee and hip joints), reliability and implant design (modular zirconia ceramic knee prosthesis, femoral head and taper stresses and bionic eye).

I have expertise in zirconia and hydroxyapatite ceramics, transformations and measurement of micro-mechanical stresses in bioceramics.

Major Qualifications

Ph. D. (UNSW) 1988

M.Sc. (UNSW, Ceramic Engineering) 1981

M.Sc. (ITU, Metallurgical Engineering) 1968

B.Sc. (ITU, Metallurgical Engineering) 1967

Major Publications

1. Chai C.S. and Ben-Nissan B., "Bioactive Nanocrystalline Sol-Gel Hydroxyapatite Coatings", J. Mater. Sci.: Mater. in Med., 10, 465-69 (1999)

2. Lutton P. and Ben-Nissan B., "The Status of Biomaterials for Othopaedic and Dental Applications: Part II- Bioceramics in Orthopaedic and Dental Applications", Mater. Tech., 12(3-4), 107-111 (1997).

3. Gan L. and Ben-Nissan B., "The Effect of Mechanical Properties of Thin Films on Nano-Indentation Data: Finite Elemnt Analysis", Comp. Mater. Sci., 8, 273-81 (1997).

4. Payten W.M. and Ben-Nissan B., "The Development of a Modular Ceramic Knee Prosthesis", Biomaterials Engineering and Devices: Human Applications (eds) Wise D.L et al., Vol. 2, Part III, Humana Press Inc., pp. 309-35, (2000)

5. Ben-Nissan, Chai C. and Evans L., "Crystallographic and Spectroscopic Characterisation and Morphology of Biogenic and Synthetic Apatities", Encyclopaedic Handbook of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, Part B; Applications, (eds) Wise D.L. et al, Marcel Dekker, N.Y., pp. 191-221, (1995)

Professional Institution Membership

The Institution of Engineers, Australia (1990-)

The Australian Society for Biomaterials (1990-)

Society for Biomaterials (1989-1995)

ASM International (1987-1995)

The American Ceramic Society (1978-)

The Australasian Ceramic Society (1977-)

American Society for the Advancement of Science (1998-)

Institute of Metals and Materials, Australasia (1976-)

NY Academy of Sciences (1999-2001)

International Society for Ceramics In Medicine (1998-)

Significant Employment History

Associate Professor - UTS (2000-)

Senior Lecturer - UTS (1988-1999)

Lecturer - NSW Institute of Technology (NSWIT) (1981-1988)

Assistant Lecturer - NSWIT (1976-1978)

Tutor - NSWIT (1971-76)

Research Metallurgist - Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Institute of Metals, Israel, Haifa (1969-1971)

Assistant Lecturer, Technion Institute of Technology, Department of Materials Engineering, Haifa (1969-1971)

Metallurgist, Vulcan, Steel and Cast Iron Foundry, Hafia (1968-1969)

Services Offered

Materials consulting services

Commercial Details

Fee Charging structure and rates

To be negotiated between client and UTS.


Availability and preferred contact route

Please contact by e-mail

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