Materials Research News


Ceram Expert Gives Presentation at the 50th Anniversary of the Brick Plant Operators Forum

CVRD Wins Rights to Explore Brazilian Bauxite Deposit

GE Global Research to Lead DOE Research into Hydrogen Fuels and Renewable Energy

China Academy of Sciences Researchers Develop a Gallium Arsenide-Based Long Wavelength Laser Device

Alcoa to Invest $284m Build an Anode Plant in Norway

Composites Testing Lab to Evaluate Carbon Fibre Materials for ESA’s Next Generation Space Launchers

Sandia National Laboratories is to Build and Test 6 New Solar Dish Engine Systems

Future Semiconductors to be Manufactured using Extreme Ultraviolet Light

QTL Biosystems Awarded Patent for Fluorescent Polymers that Detect Bioogical Agents

Study of Animals and Insects May Help Engineers Design Better Adhesives