Arkema Release the Most Flexible Grade of Kynar PVDF Ever

Arkema has introduced a new, extremely flexible grade of Kynar®, called Kynar Ultraflex®B. The new Kynar Ultraflex® resin has a flexural modulus of 12,000 psi, making it over twenty times more flexible than standard PVDF homopolymers.

The new product offers clarity, toughness, ready acceptance of pigment, radiation resistance, and weatherability making it suitable for flexible and kink-resistant tubing, tear-resistant films, flexible stock shapes, wire and cable jacketing, optical fiber jacketing, and gasket material. The new resin is easy to process and offers a large processing window due to its relatively low melting point as compared with most fluoropolymers. Kynar Ultraflex® B copolymer has the excellent resistance to acids, bases and ozone attack, expected from all Kynar resins. Kynar Ultraflex®B resin may be suitable resin for chemical, pharmaceutical, foods & beverage, and building & construction applications. Kynar Ultraflex® B is available as pellets for melt processing or as crumbs for solution processing. As an additive, Kynar Ultraflex® B toughens VF2-based fluoropolymers.

Kynar® PVDF is a performance polymer offering high chemical, abrasion and thermal resistance that is used in a multitude of applications including pipe, fittings, valves, cable ties, injection molded parts and coatings. Arkema produces Kynar® PVDF at its facilities in Calvert City, Kentucky and Pierre-Benite, France.

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