Konarka License DuPont IP to Develop Organic Polymer-Based Solar Cells

Leading developer of polymer photovoltaic products, Konarka Technologies has licensed certain intellectual property from DuPont Electronic and Communication Technologies to compliment Konarka’s ongoing photovoltaic programme. The acquisition of this intellectual property will help Konarka to maintain its leadership position in the development of third generation photovoltaic technology and the commercialisation of these products.

The agreement will allow Konarka to take advantage of the nanotechnology developments in both dye-sensitised cells and polymer cells. Hybrid cells, the combination of these two types of cells, potentially offer the best of both worlds. With access to hybrid cell intellectual property placing Konarks in a good position to be able to deliver on its promise of producing a viable flexible, lightweight, low cost photovoltaic product.

The agreement grants Konarka a limited sole license in a specific field of use and related to certain types of hybrid photovoltaic cells. They also now have a clear path to the commercialisation of hybrid and all-polymer photovoltaic cells. This gives Konarka the advantage of mass producing higher efficiency, environmentally friendly cells at even lower costs.

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