Ultra-thin PEEK Film Provides Outstanding Design Flexibility

Ultra-thin (0.006 mm) amorphous PEEK film available from Goodfellow combines the high-performance characteristics of PEEK with a versatile film format that allows for outstanding design flexibility.

The polymer’s unique combination of properties includes extremely high temperature resistance; excellent flexural, tensile and electrical properties; exceptional durability and scratch resistance; excellent resistance to chemicals, abrasion, hydrolysis and radiation; and inherently low flammability. Because of its thermoplastic nature, PEEK film is very easy to process and can be thermoformed, laminated without the use of adhesives, and heat-sealed. PEEK film also offers space and weight advantages with no loss of mechanical integrity.

Applications that benefit from PEEK film’s broad range of capabilities and exceptional performance under a wide range of conditions include flexible PCBs, aircraft interiors, automotive gaskets, helicopter rotor blades (leading edge), copy machine components, and items used in aerospace and radiation environments.

In addition to amorphous film, a range of semicrystalline PEEK film as well as filled grades (including ones designed for bearing-type applications) are available from Goodfellow.

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