Dotmar Uses Computer Aided Selection and Design to Produce Improved Bushes and Bearings

A sophisticated and powerful computer-aided materials selection and design (CAMSAD) programme is being employed by thermoplastics engineering specialist Dotmar EPP to help engineers and manufacturers produce better bushes and bearings for machinery.

The online CAMSAD service – used to select appropriate thermoplastic materials for bushes and bearings, and to give press-fits and running clearances – has been developed for industries ranging from food, beverage and water through to automotive, construction, energy, irrigation, materials handling, mining and resources and primary processing.

The proprietary system generates within seconds the most appropriate sleeve and slide bearing configurations to suit individual manufacturing and maintenance requirements.

Used also to design thrust washers, the CAMSAD system complements Dotmar EPP’s highly successful series of extruded and cast engineering thermoplastics, which includes the Ertalon, Ertacetal, Ertalyte and Ketron PEEK high performance ranges that are widely used as hard-wearing, low maintenance alternatives to metals.

It is very easy to access and use - after users fill our a basic questionnaire we can run the calculations and provide a concise two-page page report including:

* Input data
* Suggested material
* Press-fits on Outside Diameter
* Clearance for Inside Diameter
* Maximum temperature generated through frictional heat
* Maximum allowable load for the designed material, application and conditions, vs actual loading (allowing the user to determine how close to the limit the material is operating)
* Max allowable PV (Pressure X Velocity), vs actual value.
* General comments and suggestions

By automatically fast-tracking the mechanical development of bearings and bushes from their conceptual design through to production, CAMSAD permits prompt responses to inquiries from manufacturers, engineers and engineering contractors concerning the construction, installation, commissioning, maintenance, upgrade and replacement of equipment.

OEMs and plant operators dealing direct with Dotmar also benefit from CAMSAD. The system encourages the economical production of sub-assemblies at a low unit cost for use in a wide range of applications, including automotive engines, domestic appliances, electrical and electronic equipment, processing plant and medical equipment.

By automatically and accurately selecting the appropriate Dotmar material for conversion into customised, machined bearings, CAMSAD introduces considerable time savings, limiting planning delays. Where equipment is being upgraded or replaced, downtime is minimised, as is any disruption to the production schedules.

The proportion of thermoplastic parts used in bushes and bearing construction is growing dramatically as engineers capitalise on its very high wear resistance, high mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness and toughness as well as its very good sliding properties.

Also, thermoplastic bearings resist most aggressive media, operate under extreme temperatures, demonstrate a high level of dimensional stability and are physiologically insert.

Thermoplastics not only offer a lower co-efficient of friction than metals and don’t require lubrication (minimising maintenance and noise), but also they increase the wear life of the component many times over – as well as reducing wear to the counterface.

Dotmar EPP – which operates throughout Australia and New Zealand – has more than 40 years experience in the application and processing of engineering thermoplastics.

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